HarBlazE - Rules for VIP & Free Members!
    • Check Link: All users must check their links before Posting.
    • Use only our Checkers Please avoid using any other Link Checker, use our Auto Check Link or you can manually check your link here.
    • One link for every 5 minutes: Free users can generate a link every 5 minutes, VIP Users don't have this limit
    • Posting a Link: Before posting your link please make sure your link is supported by our service, use check sp or visit the server status page.
    • Use Real IP: Always use your real IP to avoid any misunderstanding or Ban of your account. Only VIP users can use VPN/Proxy.
    • Don't ask for help from VIP Users If any user requests help from a VIP member to generate their link, they will be immediately banned. The VIP user will also be banned and their VIP membership will be terminated immediately without a refund.
    • No Share the account It's forbidden to share the account with someone else. Our system can detect if any user uses 2 different IP. VIP users can not share their accounts or they will be banned and their account deleted without refund.